Cedar FENCING Dallas TX

Fences Built to Last

Quality, Appearance, Performance & Durability

Our Fence Construction
Our fences are built with quality Western Red Cedar. The life expectancy is 25 years. when stained every 3-5 years.

We do not typically use white wood cedar unless a customer requests. It has a life expectancy of only 8 to 10 years. This is the type of wood you would find at your local home improvements store and often called a “builders grade fence”.

All fence construction is performed with hot dipped galvanized or aluminum nails or lifetime coated exterior screws.

The top and bottom rows of nails or screws are in a complete, uniform line

Each picket is installed using a level to ensure that it is perpendicular to the ground

All posts are set between 2-3 feet into concrete, which we allow to cure thoroughly. The average distance between posts is 6-8 feet (depending on heights of fence) which creates a much stronger and longer lasting fence.

All gates are built using a picture frame for maximum strength, unless specified differently by the homeowner.

Side by Side

Board on Board Fences

This is the top line fencing Dallas TX, which provides complete privacy from outsiders.