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Cedar must be protected from exposure from the elements. Wood is more apt to crack, warp and deteriorate over time if it has not been properly stained. Fences can also begin to look unattractive. Most fences will look weathered and turn gray within the first year of being built. DFW Fence Doctor can add value to your fence with a quality, oil-based stain to safe guard from sun, rain and weather damage. With proper stain maintenance you can extend the life of your fence.

Benefits of our quality, oil based stain

  • Waterproofs wood
  • Stabilizes wood color
  • Restores weathered wood
  • Durable finish
  • UV protecting
  • Penetrating oils
  • Mildew/mold resistant
  • Uniform application
  • No cracking or peeling

Our recommended oil based stain products to be re-applied every 3-5 years:
Wood Defender –
Texas Wood Products –

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Preparation for Staining
The preparation for a fence staining Dallas job begins with either bleaching the old gray fence and lightly rinsing off with water shortly after, or by pressure washing the entire surface to remove dirt, flacking, mold, mildew and loose particles. We wait a minimum of 48 hours to let the wood dry thoroughly. We cover plants, bushes, pools and other surfaces as necessary near the work area. We then apply stain to the surface of the fence while keeping other areas wet with water. Finally, we clean up after ourselves and do our best to put your things back in the space they occupied before our arrival.
All our fence staining Dallas work comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee with our product recommendations.