Five Benefits of Chain Link Fencing Dallas TX

fencing dallas txYou have many options when it comes to fencing to protect your home, garden and family. Some homeowners prefer the privacy and style of a wood fence, often painting or staining them for added eye appeal. Other consumers prefer the elegance of an iron fence. People who value affordability and functionality in fencing Dallas TX should consider chain link fences and gates.

1- Inexpensive Compared to Other Fence Types

Chain link fencing is a good choice for homeowners or businesses on a budget. If you own a large property, surrounding it with cedar or stain fencing can rack up a substantial bill. Chain link fencing is a no-frills way to protect your yard. It can also serve as temporary fencing during construction.

2- Easy to Care For

Unlike stained or cedar fences, you won’t need to worry about discoloration or water damage if you choose a chain link fence. While you have many types of wood and paint colors to choose from, wood fences require more upkeep, including painting, staining or sealer. Chain link fences are more resilient. Just spray it with a garden hose once a year or use a brush and soapy water to clean off occasional stains.

3- Easy to Install

Once you’ve established where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins and have checked out building codes in your area, a chain link fencing in Dallas TX contractor can begin installation. After digging post holes and assembling posts and rails, the contractor fills post holes with concrete and places caps on top of the poles. The mesh, or chain link, is then unrolled and a tension bar is attached to it. The chain link is attached and tied to the rails.

4- Durability

Chain link fences are weatherproof, and won’t incur damage from snow, ice, rain or heat. The chain link is coated with protective zinc to resist extreme weather and everyday wear and tear. The wires are treated with chemicals to stop rust from forming, further shielding it from the elements.

5- Available in Different Gauges and Heights

Gauge refers to the wire thickness of chain link. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the mesh. Six to nine gauge mesh is used for industrial fencing, while thinner 11 and 12 gauge mesh is used for residential and temporary fencing. Chain link fencing Dallas TX can be installed in heights ranging from three feet to six feet. If you like the idea of low-cost chain link fencing, but desire privacy, you can add vinyl privacy slats over the chain link. Slats are made of polyethylene extrusion or a similar material and weaved diagonally through the mesh.

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