Fence Staining Frisco TX: Choosing The Right Finish For Your Cedar Privacy Fence

fence staining Frisco TXA privacy fence can be a big expenditure for you as a North Texas homeowner, so it’s important that the fence be designed and constructed to look good and to last.  Many fence contractors will advise you to choose Western Red Cedar.  Fences made from Western Red Cedar are pliable, resistant to moisture, insects and shrinking.  They can also last more than 25 years with the right finish.  For that finish, you will need fence staining Frisco TX professionals who will tell you how important it is to seal your cedar.  Unfinished Western Red Cedar is easily compromised by the weather, which means it will not hold a paint or stain well.  What finishes are there for you to choose from?

Opaque Finishes – Paint provides the most protection against weathering and water.  It provides color and conceals some of the wood’s characteristics.  While it protects against water absorption, paint is not a preservative.  All types of paint are suitable for Western Red Cedar – acrylic latex, acrylic enamel, solvent-based – but good-quality latex paint has been shown to adhere to the surface of the wood better than other paints.

Solid-color stains protect cedar from UV light and moisture.  These stains are available in a wide array of colors that coat the wood without penetrating but let some of the wood’s natural characteristics show through.  Semi-solid stains have been developed that reveal more of the wood’s grain.

Because Western Red Cedar contains water-soluble extractives like tannic acid that can bleed through and discolor an opaque finish, experts in fence staining Frisco TX will recommend a stain-blocking primer for your fence.

Natural Finishes – Transparent stains do not alter the appearance of the cedar like paint or solid-color stains and they only slightly modify the tone of the wood.  Transparent stains can inhibit the growth of mildew and decay; however, these colorless finishes only provide limited protection from the sun’s UV rays and moisture.

Semi-transparent stains that are oil-based penetrate the wood’s surface, are porous, and do not form a surface film like paints.  This is widely considered to be the best finish for Western Red Cedar fences that are fully exposed to the weather.  These stains provide some protection from the sun’s rays and are available in many natural-looking colors, including cedar tone, and will allow the wood’s grain to show through.

You might think choosing a finish for your fence is simply a matter of deciding what finish looks the best but since you must also consider how long you want your finish and your fence to last, you will need advice when it comes to fence staining Frisco TX. Call us at DFW Fence Doctor at 469-425-2515.  We build our privacy fences with Western Red Cedar and are experts in the finishes available for these types of fences.  Let us help you choose the right one.

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