Staining Fences Frisco TX: Extend The Life Of Your Fence With Stain

staining fences Frisco TXThe old adage, “Good fences make good neighbors,”  has never been more true than in today’s crowded, hustle and bustle world.  A beautifully-built privacy fence can be more than just a physical barrier that separates you from the outside world; it can also by a psychological barrier that makes your yard an oasis of calm. Because they are so important, homeowners often spend thousands of dollars on the design and construction of their fences. Homeowners in north Texas are no different.  But the one thing that we sometimes forget is the importance of staining fences Frisco TX.  At DFW Fence Doctor, we know that a fence, even one made with the best quality materials and workmanship, needs help to last as long as possible.  How does our quality, oil-based stain help?

  • It waterproofs the wood. Untreated wood soaks up water, which causes the wood to expand and then contract as it dries. This process of expanding and contracting can cause wood to warp or crack.
  • It stabilizes the wood’s color. Staining fences Frisco TX means that you, not the elements, will choose the color your fence will be for its lifetime.
  • It restores weathered wood. Older fences can be rejuvenated with oil-based stain.
  • It protects wood from UV light. The right stain blocks harmful UV light and keeps it from degrading your wooden fence. This makes the finish more durable.
  • It adds penetrating oils to wood. The oil provides consistent moisture to wood without the destructive cycle of wetting and drying that comes from weather exposure.
  • It’s mold- and mildew-resistant. Since oil-based stains waterproof wood, mold and mildew, which thrive on moisture, will not be able to grow.
  • It won’t crack or peel. Oil-based stains penetrate wood and allow it to breathe so that wood won’t blister or peel.

When our technicians at staining fences Frisco TX expertly apply oil-based stains to your new or existing fence, we not only extend the life of the fence, we also enhance the beauty of your home. Maintaining a functional and beautiful privacy fence adds to the value of your home and means more money in your pocket now because you won’t have to replace your fence.  At DFW Fence Doctor, we recommend products from Wood Defender and Texas Wood Products.  Both offer an array of colors to suit any yard or taste – from transparent, clear finishes to semi-transparent dark browns.  If you’re in Frisco,TX or the surrounding areas, call us today at 469-425-2515 for a no-hassle quote.

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Fence Staining Frisco TX: Why Stain is a Good Investment

Fence staining Frisco TXA wooden fence is a significant investment in and of itself. It might be difficult for a homeowner to find the time to invest in fence staining Frisco TX. However, there are many benefits to having a professional apply a coat of protective stain to your fence. You can help to ensure that your fence stays beautiful for longer. Here are some of the things stain can help to prevent:

1. Mold and Mildew

When you have a wooden fence, you need to keep an eye out for mold and mildew. Both can occur on fences that are routinely exposed to moisture and then are not dried out quickly by sunlight. Other common sources of trouble are climbing plant growth and dirt. If you live in a humid area and your fences are shaded, or they are exposed to water from sprinklers or hoses, fence staining Frisco TX can help keep mold and mildew at bay. A good fence stain contains fungicidal properties and can keep your fence safe.

2. Color preservation

One of the benefits of having a wooden fence is the look of it. Wooden fences make attractive borders on lawns, and are effective privacy fences. Having a beautiful and sleek wooden fence can be a point of pride for many homeowners. Unfortunately, wooden fences, when exposed to direct sunlight, tend to fade from their beautiful color to a light gray. Stain helps protect your fence from fading and keeps it looking pristine for longer.

3. Cracking

Another unfortunate side effect of time and sun exposure is that the wood of a fence can crack and break. This is because fences become dry under Texas sun. Other kinds of weather can be a factor, as thunderstorms and wind, which can warp the wood over time and change the shape and effectiveness of your fence. Fence staining Frisco TX can help, as stain waterproofs wood first and foremost, minimizing the warping effect of water. Stain can also seal the wood against cracks, keeping it smooth and splinter-free for longer.

Weather, water and the sun are all conspiring to turn your beautiful and expensive wooden fence into a gray, cracked and mildewed eye sore. A professional application of stain can keep your fence looking perfect for years. Contact a DFW Fence Doctor for fence staining Frisco TX to have your fence stained by experts. One coat of stain can protect your fence for up to three years. Call us today to schedule your service at 469-425-2515.

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