Dallas Fence Staining: Paint VS. Stain

Dallas fence stainingIn one corner stands the paint: packed with additives, resins, and pigments. In the other corner, we have stain: a colorant dissolved in a solvent or finishing agent. Which is a better choice in Dallas Fence staining, or painting? Who will win tonight’s battle?

Let’s begin with preparation. If you are staining or painting on a brand new fence, the prep is the same; start with a clean dry surface. If you are restaining or repainting an existing fence, the difference can be quite drastic. Paint will rot the wood of your fence fairly quickly, whereas stain will help protect it. As the paint weathers, it chips and peels which will require a great deal of sanding and scraping before repainting can even begin. If a stain or toner was used, simply clean off the dirt and stain over it.

Paint comes in two basic types: oil-based and water-based. Water based paints come in acrylic and latex. A paint will cover the surface of the wood with a thick solid color and comes in different finishes ranging from high-gloss to matte. Stains also come in oil or water-based formulas. They come in a variety of finishes depending on how much you want to conceal the wood. They range from solid which contains the most pigment, all the way to completely clear, giving you water protection but no color. What you choose as far as Dallas fence staining, depends on how much wood you want to show through and what works with your Dallas home.

Both paint and stain protect your fence from water, wind, and sun, but which will hold up the longest? With both, the quality of the product determines it’s longevity. Different types of stain last longer than others. Toner which is nearly pigment free, will last 3-5 years. Semi-transparent will give a few more years (5-7). Painting the fence creates a thicker barrier against weathering which could last as long as 5-9 years, however it does not let the wood release the moisture that it naturally draws from the earth. This causes the paint to peel and requires repainting more often. Dallas fence staining usually just fades and can be easily stained over.

And the winner is…STAIN!!! Most professionals do not recommend paint for a fence. If you really want that white picket fence in your yard, that look can be achieved with a white opaque stain. You will find greater ease in maintaining your fence by staining. For the best results, trust a professional, DFW Fence Doctor for your Dallas fence staining.

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