Fence Staining Frisco TX: Should You Stain Your Fence?

fence staining Frisco TXWhen you have wood fencing in your yard that is looking weathered and worn, you may wonder if you should have fence staining Frisco TX done, paint it, or just leave it alone. Although you may be tempted to just leave your fence’s color as it is, there are several reasons why you should stain it:

  • Stain is a dual-purpose substance. When you apply stain to wood, it seals it and also provides a waterproof coat.

  • Stain keeps the harmful UV rays from the sun from damaging the wood.

  • Stain can extend the life of the wood.

Ultimately, stain enhances the appearance of the wood and can even add to the resale value of your home or property.

Maintaining the Stain

When you go to choose a stain, you will have a variety of different colors to pick from. To ensure the fence staining Frisco TX that you choose enhances the look of the wood, pick a color that either matches or complements your home’s exterior color. Typically, you should plan on re-staining the wood every three to five years.

If you have never had stain applied to the wood perimeter surrounding your property, it may take several coats before the job is finished. This is because the stain needs time to fully soak into the wood. However, the next time you go to stain this structure, it will take much less time to stain because of the stain that already exists on the wood.

The Three Different Types

There are three different types of fence staining Frisco TX that you can choose from. These include opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent. Before any stain is applied to the wood of your fencing, it is best to consider each type and think about how it will appear once the application process is complete.

Opaque stain is the darkest type, regardless of what color it is, because it generally contains more pigmentation than transparent or semi-transparent stain. In comparison, transparent stain allows some of the wood grain to show through the fencing. Semi-transparent combines the qualities of both opaque and transparent because it allows some of the wood to show through but doesn’t completely cover the wood.

Working with a company that specializes in applying stain to fencing can ensure that the stain applied to the wood covers the entire surface and enhances the overall appearance of the structure. If it’s been a while since the wood of your fencing was stained, add getting this done to your to-do list today.

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Don’t DIY: Advice From Fence Companies in Dallas

Fence companies in DallasSome home repairs can be done by anyone with a simple YouTube tutorial or advice from the guys at the local hardware store. Trimming bushes and unclogging a drain fall into this category and can be completed by most anyone without much trouble. However, when it comes to outdoor fencing, it is best left to the professionals. All the fence companies in Dallas will tell you the same thing: don’t DIY!

The DIY Generation
We are living in a DIY generation, where everyone thinks they can do anything with a few instructions and the proper materials. Thanks to sites like Pinterest and an entire TV channel dedicated to do it yourself projects, everyone thinks they are a professional. While some of the people giving advice and instruction via these sources are professionals, most are not.

What most people don’t see (or research) is how often DIY projects go wrong. It is more common for a DIY project to fail than succeed, and professionals are called in after the fact. That is why all the fence companies in Dallas agree on one thing: people can save money, time and disaster by calling a professional first.

There are some things about building and repairing fences that only professionals know:

  • Some saws or tools work better than others

  • Not all wood stains are created equal

  • Certain paints don’t work with certain wood grains

  • Vinyl fencing isn’t as easy to install as people think

  • The guys at Home Depot don’t always know best

  • Some fence materials handle weather better than others

The list goes on and on. The problem with DIY tutorials is that the person who created the video likely isn’t living in the same area. Someone in Minnesota will likely use different materials than someone in Texas. To get a fence that lasts, it’s best to call a fence company in your particular area.

Save Some Time
Most people are pressed for time. A fence repair or installation may seem like it will only take a few hours or an entire Saturday. However, most people who turn a fence project into a DIY project quickly learn it takes much more time than anticipated.

That is why fencing companies suggest hiring them. They know how time-consuming a new fence install can be, and they can send in as many professionals as necessary to get the job done quickly.

Save Some Money
Most people choose DIY projects because they save money. However, if you don’t already have paintbrushes and rollers, a paint pan, a sander, saw, nail gun, stain, paint or other materials on hand, hiring a professional is actually much cheaper. The reason fence companies in Dallas can afford to give customers a great deal is because they already have all these tools on hand. Don’t delay on calling the professional until it is too late!  Call DFW Fence Doctor today for any repair needs or if you are wanting a new fence or outdoor area such as an arbor installed. We’ll come out and meet with you. Call us today at 469-425-2515 or visit us online at https://www.dfwfencedoctor.com.

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Dallas Fence Company: The Top Reasons That a Fence Can be Beneficial to You

Dallas Fence companyBuying a home can be stressful. Privacy is important when you are making the life changing decision to move to a new neighborhood. Building a fence can help to alleviate your anxiety caused by moving to an unfamiliar area. A fence can also add confidence and a feeling of safety to your property. Following are several reasons that using the experts at Dallas fence company DFW Fence Doctor can give you peace of mind.

Without a fence everyone can see what is going on in your private space. Privacy is one of the best reasons for introducing a fence onto your property. If you have a large or open yard, it can be hard to enjoy if everyone can have a clear view of your activities. A typical fence can make your home a safer, more peaceful retreat. DFW Fence Doctor Dallas Fence Company fence contractors can create a sanctuary out of your home.

It can be difficult to find peace and quiet when your home is built next to a busy street or major highway. Highway noise can be cut drastically by building a solid fence barrier. 70% of noise can be reduced by the right contactors and right fence choices provided by DFW Fence Doctor, your Dallas fence company.

If your neighbors don’t take care of their yard, the seeds from their weeds can infiltrate your yard and make it look unkempt. Adding a fence can help keep them from encroaching on your property. Weeds can inhibit the roots of your beloved garden or fresh vegetables, causing them harm. DFW Fence Doctor Dallas fence company can help prevent the loss of your gorgeous flowers or home grown veggies.

Bugs, bug! If you’re getting irritated by bugs and pests, The right kind of fence can actually help reclaim your property once and for all. Building the right kind of fence can result in a noticeable difference in pest control. Don’t waste money on insecticide filled with chemicals when it might not be necessary!

Boundary respect with neighbors is important! If your neighbor has a problem with you or vice versa, problems can be the end result and drama or hurt feelings can occur. The Dallas fence company DFW Fence Doctor can help bridge the issue.

Is your old fence failing? No one wants to face the possibility of needing to pay for a new fence. You could have inherited a fence that is falling apart, or was never placed correctly in the beginning. The Dallas fence company DFW Fence Doctor can help you resurrect the old fence with repair and restaining or we can find a cost effective way to ensure that your children and pets can play in a secure area without worry.

Call us today to schedule your estimate at 469-425-2515. We will come out and meet with you, listen to your wants and desires and offer a plan to make your dreams come true. You can visit us online at www.dfwfencedoctor.com to see our work and learn more. We look forward to working with you!!

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Dallas Fence Company: Three Types of Outdoor Decks Offered by Us

Dallas fence companyAs the weather gets warmer, thoughts turn to pool parties and barbecues and a new deck from a Dallas fence company can make the most of your outdoor entertaining. The type of patio deck that’s best for you depends on your budget, maintenance considerations and the physical appearance of the material. A cedar deck is one of the most attractive outdoor decks for lounging and summer parties, but it will require staining to protect it and keep it looking good. Wood and plastic composite decks and pressure-treated wood are other popular choices. Consider the pros and cons of each deck and discuss them with a rep from a Dallas fence company.

Cedar Decks

Cedar wood and all wood decks have a warm, natural look and a pleasant smell. They need to be stained to preserve and protect the wood, so this isn’t a good choice if you want an “install it and forget it” deck. The red part of a cedar deck, the “heartwood” resists rot. Cedar doesn’t absorb moisture and lies flat without warping or twisting. Properly installed cedar boards last about 15-20 years. You’ll need to stain and reseal the deck every year or so, according to instructions from the Dallas fence company that installed the deck. Cedar decks fade quickly, so staining and sealing is essential to retain their beauty. Cedar decks in Dallas are moderately-priced and can be custom-designed to your specifications.

Composite Decks

Composite wood and recycled plastic decks require little maintenance, except for sweeping and an occasional washing with a garden hose. You can even stain a composite deck four to six months after installation. Composites won’t splinter or rot like wood; they’re termite-resistant and the surface won’t fade or discolor due to rain or other weather conditions. They’re more expensive than cedar wood decks, but they don’t look as attractive and feel cold when you walk on them barefoot. Composites are better for ground-level decks that come in contact with the soil. Wood decks may sustain damage or attract insects if placed too low to the ground.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Long-lasting pressure-treated wood has the beauty of cedar with a layer of protection to ward off insects and damage from the elements. Ask your Dallas fence company contractor about types of treated lumber. Wood should be treated with arsenic-free ACQ, Copper Azole or Borates. Choose premium pressure-treated wood boards with straight grain and fewer knots, as they are less prone to warp than generic pressure-treated boards.

DFW Fence Doctor, a Dallas fence company offers deck installation, repair and staining. We’ll help you choose the right material for your deck and custom design it to match your home and lifestyle. Call us today at 469-425-2515 for more information about preparing your outdoor living space for summer fun.

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Protect Cedar Fences With Staining From A Dallas Fence Company TX

Dallas Fence Company TX | Dallas, TexasCedar fences are well worth the extra cost for their beauty and style. Quality red cedar boards are used to build side by side or board on board fences designed for complete privacy. If preventing outsiders from snooping on your property is important to you, cedar fences are a perfect. Wood fences last up to 25 years provided they are stained by a Dallas Fence Company TX every few years. They can become discolored or develop black streaks if they remain unstained

Why Black Marks Form on Cedar Fences

The most common stains on cedar fences are caused by mildew and mold. Wet, rainy weather and other environmental factors eventually fade and discolor cedar, leaving black streaks on the wood.  A yard with a grass lawn and lots of plants will be a magnet for mildew while a fenced-in space with no plants and a concrete walk will not cause as much mildew or mold to form. When a Dallas Fence Company TX installs your cedar fence, ask about the best ways to control mold and mildew from forming on the wood.

Tannins, astringent compounds found in plants, also leave black marks on cedar. They leak from wood and any metal or iron that comes in contact with the wood will leave black streaks. This includes nails, saw blades and hammers. Dark wood contains more tannins than light-colored wood, so deep red cedar will have darker stains.

Sap occasionally oozes to wood’s surface, leaving a sticky black mark. When cedar is cut at the sawmill, oil from machines may drop onto wood.  Remove oil and sap stains with paint thinner.

If you have an older fence or live in an area prone to extreme weather, cedar discoloration may occur naturally. Burns from fireworks, candles or matches are another cause of black marks on cedar.

If your fences have any of discoloration or fading due to the reasons listed above, or if you just want to liven up the color of your fence, a Dallas fence company TX can do the job and have your yard looking brand new for the spring.

At DFW Fence Doctors Dallas fence company TX, we clean, dry and apply oil-based stain to cedar fences.  A properly-stained fence lasts longer and withstands wet weather and the aging process much better than unprotected wood.  Call us at 469-425-2515 for a free quote on staining your fence (or installing a new one). The professionals at Fence Doctors are here to help extend the life of your Western Cedar fence.

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Pros and Cons of Materials for Fencing Dallas TX

fencing Dallas TXFencing is an aesthetic and practical element to architecture which can often be forgotten. When you are putting together a yard, the garden, grass and even decorative fences might take priority over your actual fences. But when you do consider your fence, one of the first things to seriously consider is what material you want. This is another part of the process which can be neglected. Here are some of the pros and cons of different kinds of material for fencing Dallas TX.

Cedar fencing is a common and reliable type of fencing Dallas TX. It makes an attractive privacy fence, and makes a good border around a backyard. Wooden slats can be placed side by side or overlapping on each other depending on how much privacy and security you require. However wood also requires periodic staining in order to last for several years. It’s also prohibitive for front yards that require a large gate, as the weight of wood over a large span requires special hardware.

Chain link
Another common type of fencing, chain link is usually made of galvanized steel or black vinyl coating. This type of fencing can work for either front yards or backyards, though the privacy and security it offers are minimal at best. However, this type of fencing is one of the most affordable and easily-constructed of all of the kinds of material for fencing in Dallas TX. Galvanized steel can rust after a few years, so, if you plan on having the fence for awhile, then black vinyl coating might be the better type for you.

While it is one of the most durable and sturdy fences available, iron also happens to be one of the most expensive. However, if you need security and aesthetic value, then there is nothing better than a wrought iron fence for the job. Iron also makes good gates and is suitable for most areas, both commercial and residential. The maintenance for this type of fence is also minimal. It comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors.

No matter which material you decide to use for your fence, the construction and placement of the fence should be done by a professional. Be sure to maintain all fences regularly with whatever treatment the type of material requires. This will help to ensure that your fencing Dallas TX will last as long as the rest of your home and garden.

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Fence Contractors Dallas TX Can Help You Reinvent your Yard for Spring

fence contractors Dallas TXYour yard takes a beating from the rain, cold weather and snow that winter brings. The lawn, sidewalk patio and even your fence will show signs of some damage when it’s time to spruce up your outdoor living spaces for warm weather. Although spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th, it’s never too early to start preparing your yard for outdoor activity. You’ll need to revitalize your lawn and make it look green and lush again and ready your garden for spring blooms.

But you’ll also want to consider your fencing. Did any damage occur during the winter months due to inclement weather? Ice, rain, snow can ruin staining on a wood fence. Built-up moisture from rain and snow can rot wood unless its stained properly. Falling tree limbs can cause structural damage to wood fences. Soil that shifts during a spring thaw may make posts shift and threaten the structural integrity of your fence. All fences should be inspected after the long winter months, but wood fences are the most prone to cold weather problems. Contact one of your local fence contractors Dallas TX to examine your fences. They may need a repair, restaining or an overhaul, but it’s sometimes hard to tell just from looking at them. If you notice any boards or posts out of place on your wood fence, there are residential fence contractors Dallas TX that can repair or replace them quickly to prevent further damage. They will also check between boards for leaves or other fence-damaging debris. They’ll make sure that the cement footings are dirt and dust free to prevent cracking.

Other post-winter fence problems may include damage from rabbits, deer and other animals or infestation in knotholes in wood fences. Chain link fences can also sustain damage from animals burrowing near posts, the weight of too much snow or ice and falling tree branches. Remember to oil latches and hinges on your chain link fence after a long winter. Even sturdy metal gates and fences may become rusted or damaged from too much snow, ice or hail.

At DFW Fence Doctors fence contractors Dallas TX will not only assess and repair damage caused during the winter months, they’ll also help you revitalize your yard by staining and waterproofing older wood fences. DFW Fence Doctors fence contractors Dallas TX provides many services to spruce up your outdoor living space after a long, cold winter, including creating one of a kind gazebos, arbors and trellises. We also install cedar or composite decks for your patio or pool. Call us at 469-425-2515 for a free quote and more information about our services.

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Look to a reputable fence company in Dallas to help create your perfect outdoor living space

fence company in DallasA new fence can provide much needed privacy, added security to your property, an enclosed space for pets and children and can even add value to your home. Call DFW Fence Doctor for a full service fence company in Dallas; we are here to help you make the best decisions with any of your fencing needs, and we even do decks and pergolas!

Before jumping into a decision, however, it’s important have a general idea of what you are looking for and to keep in mind your priorities. It’s also important to know what you can and can’t do depending on where you live. Check with your city of residence first to make sure you adhere to any zoning codes. These usually pertain to height; some cities allow an 8 foot privacy fence, for example, and some do not. If you are not sure, give DFW Fence Doctor a call and we either have the answer or can redirect you to the best place to find it.

When it comes to fencing, our neighbors are another consideration to keep in mind. It’s a good idea to check with any neighbors adjacent to your property just to make sure everyone is on the same page concerning property lines. Not only do you not want to surprise them with erecting a new fence, you do not want to put one up only to have your neighbors dispute the property lines after the fact. If you’re not sure, or if there is a dispute, you can always have your lot surveyed.

Finally, consider your priorities. If your priorities are mainly security, you may want to consider a gate system. Safety is often another concern, especially if your home has a backyard pool. A fence around the pool can keep little ones from falling in. Even if your priority is simply aesthetic, we are here to help you with any and all design options, from style to stain. As a full service fence company in Dallas, DFW Fence Doctor can help you meet all your priorities in fencing and create a look and style that won’t detract from your home (or annoy your neighbors).

Call DFW Fence Doctor for a free quote and let us help you create your perfect outdoor living space, whether you need a brand new fence, a security gate or simply a play area for your kids. We are the fence company in Dallas you can trust!  From repairs to new construction, give us a call… we do it all!

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Use Polygal Sheeting from DFW Fence Company in Dallas

fence company in DallasHomeowners know how tough it is to guard their property against weather damage. High winds, snow, ice and heavy rain wreak havoc, not only with your house, but with pool houses, attached sunrooms and other structures on your property. DFW fence company in Dallas sells and installs polygal multi-wall sheets. These multi-layered sheets are made from polycarbonate resin, which is sturdier than acrylic and glass. They are environmentally safe and can insulate pool houses or any structure on your property. They provide insulation by diffusing light, and some polygal products block all of the light transmitted onto them.

Are you worried about snow and ice weighing down you’re the roof of your garage or other outdoor structure? Polygal sheeting can withstand heavy loads and deflect wind, keeping your structure safe. The experts at DFW Fence Company in Dallas will help you choose the right Polygal sheeting for your project. Some Polygal products are strong enough to guard against hurricanes while others are used in greenhouses for better light and thermal insulation. Polygal multi-wall sheets are used to cover patios and carports. You can place them on sunrooms or skylights for extra insulation and protection against bad weather. Any medium span structure that needs insulation benefits from Polygal sheeting.

Polygal sheeting increases your LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) score, This means the material is recyclable and toxin-free. It uses solar heat for warmth and insulation, protecting outdoor structures in a lightweight, natural way. We’ve all become aware of the importance of using ecologically-sound products in and around the home, and polygal sheeting is one of the best ways to weatherproof skylights, sunrooms and other structures from damage by Mother Nature.

DFW fence company in Dallas offers polygal sheets in several colors and thicknesses. These range from 6 to 32 millimeters and the colors include ice, clear, red, yellow and bronze. Polygal sheets are easy to clean. Wash them with liquid dish detergent and water and wipe with a soft cloth. Don’t use a squeegee or sponge on the sheets. This can damage the UV coating. Polygal sheeting with a thickness of 6mm and above has a ten-year warranty against breakage.

To learn more about polygal multi-wall sheets, call the reps at DFW fence company in Dallas. We will be happy to discuss how Polygal sheeting can insulate structures on your property. Call us at 469-425-2515 for a free quote and more information about this environmentally-safe insulation material.

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Winterize Your Yard With The Help Of DFW Fence Contractor Dallas

Fence Contractor Dallas | Dallas TXYour home and yard may be a source of pride for you, but even the best planned and most aesthetically pleasing yard will succumb to the bleak touch of winter. One of the biggest victims is the fence. While some of the changes winter brings are unavoidable, your fence can be protected with the help of a Dallas fence contractor. Here are some common problems you should beware.

Damage to wood

Wooden fences are especially susceptible to water damage. Water warps wood, turning straight boards into curves and creating knotholes where there were none. Moisture can also lead to dry rot and mold, which can spread through an entire wooden fence.. When either of those happen, at least some parts of the fence will have to be replaced. In order to prevent any of these things happening, apply a waterproof stain or seal to your wood. DFW fence contractor Dallas provides stain and will also apply it to the fence for you.

Damage to metal

Moisture is also a problem for metal fences. Most types of metal used in fences can rust when exposed to snow or ice. Also, some of the chemicals used to melt ice can damage metal fences just as much. Just as waterproof stain will help a wooden fence, rust-proof paint will help prevent your fence from rusting when sleet or snow gets it wet. If your fence is already rusty, use a wire brush to clean off the rust, wash the whole fence, then apply the rust-proof paint.


When water seeps into soil, it can move whatever is in the soil. This unfortunately includes your fence posts. Try to keep the posts of your fence clear of drainage, if at all possible. When snow or frozen ground thaws, it can also shift your fence. Test the posts for stability regularly, and check the top of the fence with a level to see if it is straight. Fence posts that are no longer straight or have moved too far will need to be replaced. Call DFW fence contractor Dallas for information on fixing fence posts.

Winter can take a toll on your fence, the gateway to your yard and home. So prevent the critical problems with simple steps. Ensure that your fence survives the cold weather. For more advice, consult an expert, like DFW Fence Doctors, the fence contractor Dallas who can help keep your yard beautiful all year round.

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