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fence company in DallasHomeowners know how tough it is to guard their property against weather damage. High winds, snow, ice and heavy rain wreak havoc, not only with your house, but with pool houses, attached sunrooms and other structures on your property. DFW fence company in Dallas sells and installs polygal multi-wall sheets. These multi-layered sheets are made from polycarbonate resin, which is sturdier than acrylic and glass. They are environmentally safe and can insulate pool houses or any structure on your property. They provide insulation by diffusing light, and some polygal products block all of the light transmitted onto them.

Are you worried about snow and ice weighing down you’re the roof of your garage or other outdoor structure? Polygal sheeting can withstand heavy loads and deflect wind, keeping your structure safe. The experts at DFW Fence Company in Dallas will help you choose the right Polygal sheeting for your project. Some Polygal products are strong enough to guard against hurricanes while others are used in greenhouses for better light and thermal insulation. Polygal multi-wall sheets are used to cover patios and carports. You can place them on sunrooms or skylights for extra insulation and protection against bad weather. Any medium span structure that needs insulation benefits from Polygal sheeting.

Polygal sheeting increases your LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) score, This means the material is recyclable and toxin-free. It uses solar heat for warmth and insulation, protecting outdoor structures in a lightweight, natural way. We’ve all become aware of the importance of using ecologically-sound products in and around the home, and polygal sheeting is one of the best ways to weatherproof skylights, sunrooms and other structures from damage by Mother Nature.

DFW fence company in Dallas offers polygal sheets in several colors and thicknesses. These range from 6 to 32 millimeters and the colors include ice, clear, red, yellow and bronze. Polygal sheets are easy to clean. Wash them with liquid dish detergent and water and wipe with a soft cloth. Don’t use a squeegee or sponge on the sheets. This can damage the UV coating. Polygal sheeting with a thickness of 6mm and above has a ten-year warranty against breakage.

To learn more about polygal multi-wall sheets, call the reps at DFW fence company in Dallas. We will be happy to discuss how Polygal sheeting can insulate structures on your property. Call us at 469-425-2515 for a free quote and more information about this environmentally-safe insulation material.

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