Winterize Your Yard With The Help Of DFW Fence Contractor Dallas

Fence Contractor Dallas | Dallas TXYour home and yard may be a source of pride for you, but even the best planned and most aesthetically pleasing yard will succumb to the bleak touch of winter. One of the biggest victims is the fence. While some of the changes winter brings are unavoidable, your fence can be protected with the help of a Dallas fence contractor. Here are some common problems you should beware.

Damage to wood

Wooden fences are especially susceptible to water damage. Water warps wood, turning straight boards into curves and creating knotholes where there were none. Moisture can also lead to dry rot and mold, which can spread through an entire wooden fence.. When either of those happen, at least some parts of the fence will have to be replaced. In order to prevent any of these things happening, apply a waterproof stain or seal to your wood. DFW fence contractor Dallas provides stain and will also apply it to the fence for you.

Damage to metal

Moisture is also a problem for metal fences. Most types of metal used in fences can rust when exposed to snow or ice. Also, some of the chemicals used to melt ice can damage metal fences just as much. Just as waterproof stain will help a wooden fence, rust-proof paint will help prevent your fence from rusting when sleet or snow gets it wet. If your fence is already rusty, use a wire brush to clean off the rust, wash the whole fence, then apply the rust-proof paint.


When water seeps into soil, it can move whatever is in the soil. This unfortunately includes your fence posts. Try to keep the posts of your fence clear of drainage, if at all possible. When snow or frozen ground thaws, it can also shift your fence. Test the posts for stability regularly, and check the top of the fence with a level to see if it is straight. Fence posts that are no longer straight or have moved too far will need to be replaced. Call DFW fence contractor Dallas for information on fixing fence posts.

Winter can take a toll on your fence, the gateway to your yard and home. So prevent the critical problems with simple steps. Ensure that your fence survives the cold weather. For more advice, consult an expert, like DFW Fence Doctors, the fence contractor Dallas who can help keep your yard beautiful all year round.

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