Fence Staining Frisco TX: Should You Stain Your Fence?

fence staining Frisco TXWhen you have wood fencing in your yard that is looking weathered and worn, you may wonder if you should have fence staining Frisco TX done, paint it, or just leave it alone. Although you may be tempted to just leave your fence’s color as it is, there are several reasons why you should stain it:

  • Stain is a dual-purpose substance. When you apply stain to wood, it seals it and also provides a waterproof coat.

  • Stain keeps the harmful UV rays from the sun from damaging the wood.

  • Stain can extend the life of the wood.

Ultimately, stain enhances the appearance of the wood and can even add to the resale value of your home or property.

Maintaining the Stain

When you go to choose a stain, you will have a variety of different colors to pick from. To ensure the fence staining Frisco TX that you choose enhances the look of the wood, pick a color that either matches or complements your home’s exterior color. Typically, you should plan on re-staining the wood every three to five years.

If you have never had stain applied to the wood perimeter surrounding your property, it may take several coats before the job is finished. This is because the stain needs time to fully soak into the wood. However, the next time you go to stain this structure, it will take much less time to stain because of the stain that already exists on the wood.

The Three Different Types

There are three different types of fence staining Frisco TX that you can choose from. These include opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent. Before any stain is applied to the wood of your fencing, it is best to consider each type and think about how it will appear once the application process is complete.

Opaque stain is the darkest type, regardless of what color it is, because it generally contains more pigmentation than transparent or semi-transparent stain. In comparison, transparent stain allows some of the wood grain to show through the fencing. Semi-transparent combines the qualities of both opaque and transparent because it allows some of the wood to show through but doesn’t completely cover the wood.

Working with a company that specializes in applying stain to fencing can ensure that the stain applied to the wood covers the entire surface and enhances the overall appearance of the structure. If it’s been a while since the wood of your fencing was stained, add getting this done to your to-do list today.

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Protect Cedar Fences With Staining From A Dallas Fence Company TX

Dallas Fence Company TX | Dallas, TexasCedar fences are well worth the extra cost for their beauty and style. Quality red cedar boards are used to build side by side or board on board fences designed for complete privacy. If preventing outsiders from snooping on your property is important to you, cedar fences are a perfect. Wood fences last up to 25 years provided they are stained by a Dallas Fence Company TX every few years. They can become discolored or develop black streaks if they remain unstained

Why Black Marks Form on Cedar Fences

The most common stains on cedar fences are caused by mildew and mold. Wet, rainy weather and other environmental factors eventually fade and discolor cedar, leaving black streaks on the wood.  A yard with a grass lawn and lots of plants will be a magnet for mildew while a fenced-in space with no plants and a concrete walk will not cause as much mildew or mold to form. When a Dallas Fence Company TX installs your cedar fence, ask about the best ways to control mold and mildew from forming on the wood.

Tannins, astringent compounds found in plants, also leave black marks on cedar. They leak from wood and any metal or iron that comes in contact with the wood will leave black streaks. This includes nails, saw blades and hammers. Dark wood contains more tannins than light-colored wood, so deep red cedar will have darker stains.

Sap occasionally oozes to wood’s surface, leaving a sticky black mark. When cedar is cut at the sawmill, oil from machines may drop onto wood.  Remove oil and sap stains with paint thinner.

If you have an older fence or live in an area prone to extreme weather, cedar discoloration may occur naturally. Burns from fireworks, candles or matches are another cause of black marks on cedar.

If your fences have any of discoloration or fading due to the reasons listed above, or if you just want to liven up the color of your fence, a Dallas fence company TX can do the job and have your yard looking brand new for the spring.

At DFW Fence Doctors Dallas fence company TX, we clean, dry and apply oil-based stain to cedar fences.  A properly-stained fence lasts longer and withstands wet weather and the aging process much better than unprotected wood.  Call us at 469-425-2515 for a free quote on staining your fence (or installing a new one). The professionals at Fence Doctors are here to help extend the life of your Western Cedar fence.

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Three Reasons for Fence Staining in Dallas, TX

fence staining dallasThe wood around your house can be one of the most attractive parts of your whole home. However, inclement weather and other factors can quickly turn a bright and new fence or deck into dry kindling. One of the most important steps you can take to preserve your home’s wood work is to have it professionally stained. There are at least three major benefits to have fence staining in Dallas: weather protection, general fence appearance, and increasing your fence’s life expectancy.

1- Wood stain protects fences from the weather. If there’s one thing Texas is known for, it is sun exposure. The constant pounding rays of the sun can turn a vibrant, strong fence into a bleached out, brittle structure fit to match desert bones. But the sun isn’t the only weather damaging fences Dallas. Rain can take its toll dramatically, forcing unprotected wood to swell and shrink with every thunder storm. Over time this can lead to serious warping, possibly twisting your fence so much out of shape as to defeat the whole purpose. Fence staining in Dallas, TX with an oil based wood stain creates a strong barrier over the wood, both denying water access to the natural wood underneath and forcing the sun’s rays to reflect away, thus protecting your wooden structure from weather damage.

2- Stained fences look better. Fence stain is as essential as any finish work on any wooden surface. Without it, your fence simply looks like half complete. Wood stains are a coloring agent that seeps into the wood’s surface, allowing you to essentially paint your fence while retaining all the intricacies of the wood grain and style. Staining your fence not only shows the world that you take pride in the appearance of your home, but that you are someone who does the job right. This not only increases your enjoyment in your fence, but it can help increase your home’s market value, too.

3-Longevity. At the end of that day, the best reason for fence staining in Dallas is simply to prevent the need to buy a new fence. Water and sun proofing are definitely a great way to keep your fence looking great and keeping its structure. Part of that is preventing mold and rot growth, and discouraging pest damage that can literally eat the years out of a fence, no matter how well it was built. And speaking of longevity, wood stains don’t peel or crack away when they get old, meaning that even when its time to apply a new layer of stain, it will still look smooth and polished.

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Four Advantages of Professional vs. D.I.Y. Fence Staining in Dallas TX

Four Advantages of Professional vs. DIY Fence Staining in Dallas TX

While a lot of things around our home may need “professional” attention, the reality of the matter is, everything around your house is something you could probably learn to do yourself. But professionals not only offer expertise, they offer a service, which means a lot more than just the word alone. Every step is taken care of to the best degree possible, but at every step, there are also careful considerations being made to ensure you are having the most positive and carefree experience during the whole process. There are plenty of advantages to choosing a professional Dallas fence staining service as opposed to simply to doing it yourself.

Here are four of those reasons:

1. Product Knowledge

Professionals know their products. There is no guesswork and no chance of using anything any less than perfectly effective. Our Dallas fence staining professionals use an oil-based product that not only waterproofs and protects from other possible damaging effects, but also restores and nourishes as well.

2. Equipment

With any serious job comes serious equipment. It may seem entirely practical to simply rinse your fence off with the hose in your yard and then apply the stain with a brush or roller, but when you have to do it all again the very next year, you’ll probably start to understand the significance of professional equipment. The quality of our sprayers alone will provide you years of additional benefit, as well as a lot less costly experience.

3. The Service of Service

Your Dallas fence staining professionals will perform every step of the process for you. There is a lot more that goes into the staining of the fence than just applying the product. There are many steps. But there is also a lot more that goes into true service than just completion of one simple task alone as well. There must be real care and consideration at every point along the way. In our art of serving you, we will first power wash you fence to make sure the product is applied right to a clean surface. Once it has dried for a couple days and we return to apply the stain, we’ll also cover any surrounding grass and shrubs to make sure nothing is affected negatively by the treatment. And then there is the greatest part of all in receiving a service…you don’t have to do a thing!

4. Technique

The full technique of professional Dallas fence staining also extends beyond the single step of stain application. There is significant preparation to be done as well. In addition to cleaning the fence, it is also prepared structurally. To ensure the best job possible, screws must be re-fastened, certain spots need buffing, and some spots may even need additional reinforcement beyond that. The professional technique of Dallas fence staining will ultimately give you a finish that should last from 3-5 years.

Professional service just about says it all in the very words themselves: it is meant to give you the very best benefits of professionalism and service. Make sure your fence staining is done right to the very best professional standards. And let us serve you throughout the whole process! Nothing could be easier or more effective in the end.

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