Four Advantages of Professional vs. D.I.Y. Fence Staining in Dallas TX

Four Advantages of Professional vs. DIY Fence Staining in Dallas TX

While a lot of things around our home may need “professional” attention, the reality of the matter is, everything around your house is something you could probably learn to do yourself. But professionals not only offer expertise, they offer a service, which means a lot more than just the word alone. Every step is taken care of to the best degree possible, but at every step, there are also careful considerations being made to ensure you are having the most positive and carefree experience during the whole process. There are plenty of advantages to choosing a professional Dallas fence staining service as opposed to simply to doing it yourself.

Here are four of those reasons:

1. Product Knowledge

Professionals know their products. There is no guesswork and no chance of using anything any less than perfectly effective. Our Dallas fence staining professionals use an oil-based product that not only waterproofs and protects from other possible damaging effects, but also restores and nourishes as well.

2. Equipment

With any serious job comes serious equipment. It may seem entirely practical to simply rinse your fence off with the hose in your yard and then apply the stain with a brush or roller, but when you have to do it all again the very next year, you’ll probably start to understand the significance of professional equipment. The quality of our sprayers alone will provide you years of additional benefit, as well as a lot less costly experience.

3. The Service of Service

Your Dallas fence staining professionals will perform every step of the process for you. There is a lot more that goes into the staining of the fence than just applying the product. There are many steps. But there is also a lot more that goes into true service than just completion of one simple task alone as well. There must be real care and consideration at every point along the way. In our art of serving you, we will first power wash you fence to make sure the product is applied right to a clean surface. Once it has dried for a couple days and we return to apply the stain, we’ll also cover any surrounding grass and shrubs to make sure nothing is affected negatively by the treatment. And then there is the greatest part of all in receiving a service…you don’t have to do a thing!

4. Technique

The full technique of professional Dallas fence staining also extends beyond the single step of stain application. There is significant preparation to be done as well. In addition to cleaning the fence, it is also prepared structurally. To ensure the best job possible, screws must be re-fastened, certain spots need buffing, and some spots may even need additional reinforcement beyond that. The professional technique of Dallas fence staining will ultimately give you a finish that should last from 3-5 years.

Professional service just about says it all in the very words themselves: it is meant to give you the very best benefits of professionalism and service. Make sure your fence staining is done right to the very best professional standards. And let us serve you throughout the whole process! Nothing could be easier or more effective in the end.

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Classic, Colorful, Secure or Modern? | DFW Fence Doctor is your choice for fencing in Dallas!

DFW Fence Doctor is your choice for fencing in Dallas!Putting up a fence is an investment for many homeowners, and a wise one at that. Fencing has a wide variety of purposes as well as a variety of material choices and styles. An excellent fence must not only provide privacy and security, but it must also boost the beauty and charm of a house. DFW Fence Doctor is here to help you make the right choices for you home fencing needs in Dallas.

Fences come in various different designs and all kinds of styles to fit every type of home. Your fence can be wood, steel, stone, brick, vinyl or possibly a blend of several of these elements. You’ll be able to customize your fence to harmonize with the rest of the property or you can choose to make your fence a standout feature, a real eye catcher.

The architecture of your home can help determine that type of fence you choose, whether or not it’s Victorian, Georgian, classic or modern, choosing a fence style that enhances your home’s style is essential. If you have not quite decided on a fence style that suits your home’s era, you can opt for a custom fence and we have several custom fencing choices for clients in Dallas.

What is a modern fence? There’s no standard definition of a modern fence. The very idea of modern fences has resulted through the evolution of fences, design and art. Modern fences are a blend of design and functionality; usually created from numerous materials like wood, steel and even glass; coupled with unique patterns, lines and color. Modern fences usually boast technologically advanced features such as automated gates, posh lighting designs or water features.

Classic fences, conversely, are more traditional when it comes to design. Perhaps the most common illustration of a vintage fence may be the traditional white picket fence. Unlike modern fences, classic fences are simpler when it comes to design and color and automated gates aren’t commonly incorporated. Some people prefer classic fences as they represent comfort and classic style. Though they may be simpler, in design and execution than their modern counterparts, classic fences provide a certain allure and a feeling of romanticism to a home, resulting in dependable curb appeal.

Color is an important choice homeowners face. You will either build your fence as a feature of your home, allowing it to stand out or you can choose to have your fence blend in with its surroundings, depending on the style and color you choose. Consider matching the color to one feature on your home, such as your roof or window trim. You can even contemplate the colors in your landscape for truly one of a kind fencing in Dallas.

Security can be one of the most important functions of your fencing investment; lighting can deter unwanted visitors and adding video surveillance, intercom system and auto gates can create peace of mind and adds convenience. Lastly, get creative! A fence can be a piece of art and a true point of interest for your home. Regardless of which design you prefer DFW Fence Doctor can help you with your fencing needs in Dallas.

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