Three Reasons for Fence Staining in Dallas, TX

fence staining dallasThe wood around your house can be one of the most attractive parts of your whole home. However, inclement weather and other factors can quickly turn a bright and new fence or deck into dry kindling. One of the most important steps you can take to preserve your home’s wood work is to have it professionally stained. There are at least three major benefits to have fence staining in Dallas: weather protection, general fence appearance, and increasing your fence’s life expectancy.

1- Wood stain protects fences from the weather. If there’s one thing Texas is known for, it is sun exposure. The constant pounding rays of the sun can turn a vibrant, strong fence into a bleached out, brittle structure fit to match desert bones. But the sun isn’t the only weather damaging fences Dallas. Rain can take its toll dramatically, forcing unprotected wood to swell and shrink with every thunder storm. Over time this can lead to serious warping, possibly twisting your fence so much out of shape as to defeat the whole purpose. Fence staining in Dallas, TX with an oil based wood stain creates a strong barrier over the wood, both denying water access to the natural wood underneath and forcing the sun’s rays to reflect away, thus protecting your wooden structure from weather damage.

2- Stained fences look better. Fence stain is as essential as any finish work on any wooden surface. Without it, your fence simply looks like half complete. Wood stains are a coloring agent that seeps into the wood’s surface, allowing you to essentially paint your fence while retaining all the intricacies of the wood grain and style. Staining your fence not only shows the world that you take pride in the appearance of your home, but that you are someone who does the job right. This not only increases your enjoyment in your fence, but it can help increase your home’s market value, too.

3-Longevity. At the end of that day, the best reason for fence staining in Dallas is simply to prevent the need to buy a new fence. Water and sun proofing are definitely a great way to keep your fence looking great and keeping its structure. Part of that is preventing mold and rot growth, and discouraging pest damage that can literally eat the years out of a fence, no matter how well it was built. And speaking of longevity, wood stains don’t peel or crack away when they get old, meaning that even when its time to apply a new layer of stain, it will still look smooth and polished.

fence staining dallas
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